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Manuscript Source: beibeck football

444 days later, Genesio fought Cannavaro again.

444 days later, the 23rd battle between Guoan and Evergrande in this decade.

Genesio’s official debut in Beijing last year was Evergrande facing Cannavaro. However, in that match, the hot Marshal was defeated in the home team 1-3, and was dismissed by the old card for 7 points, determined the ending of being the runner-up.

Last night, Guoan, who had less rest for one day, gradually abandoned Alan in the later part of the league. At the same time, Alan had to avoid it, the 0-0 draw is filled with 5 strong Evergrande players who can’t speak Chinese.

Looking back on the ten-year grudge struggle between Guoan and Evergrande, we can clearly divide CITIC era and Zhonghe era into two distinct Chu and Han dynasties.

In the past ten years, Guoan and Evergrande drew two completely different mind maps, and the results were quite different, but there were also thousands of comments.


In Citic era, Guoan and Evergrande were two kinds of values, two kinds of thoughts of team building and two kinds of ideologies. However, in Zhonghe era, the two teams actually approached their peers, until 2020, Alan’s lease transaction completely wiped out the unprecedented displeasure caused by “obameyan incident.

From the standpoint of the class colleagues of capital, Zhonghe and Evergrande changed from opposition to ambiguity.

In the 2010 season, Evergrande became a Super Tyrant in Chinese football world. However, it was still in the second-level league at that time and did not threaten Guoan’s status.

However, when Evergrande reached the top-level league in the 2011-season with the attitude of Kaiserslautern and the gorgeous opening ceremony of the Chinese Super League, this Xu army quickly became the national security, Luneng, the “thorn in the eye and the thorn in the flesh” of the traditional giants led by Shenhua “.

Before the season, Boss Xu, who was preparing for the first season of the Chinese Super League, paid a lot of money to dig the national football team. At that time, Yang Hao was free, while the top salary of domestic players in Guoan club was no more than 1 million yuan, the salary level in the Super League has always been only the middle reaches-therefore, Evergrande issued Yang Hao a cheque with an annual salary of 2 million RMB.

With the promise of a super high winning award, Yang Hao chose to join Evergrande.

Luo Ning has been in charge of Guoan as a state-owned enterprise club for many years. It was the first time that he encountered the situation that the players of CITIC Group were poached by a real estate agent in distant Guangzhou. At that time, he needed some time to digest it.

“What is a giant? This issue has been discussed for many years before. Isn’t it a wealthy family with less investment? Can you say that Arsenal is not a rich man if they spend less money?”, “Don’t do it for three or five years. The movement is quite strong, and then it disappears. Don’t do it anymore. Can the fans be happy in this way?”, “Don’t compare anything with Citic Guan group. No matter how rich Evergrande is, it is only the tip of our iceberg.”

With Luo’s shocking words, the two battles between the old Giants and the new nobility in the 2011 season all drew.

In the game, Xu Yunlong was injured and fell to the ground, and also had conflicts with the stretcher who entered the game. This kind of conflict was very rare — as an old Guoan, he competed with the “barbarian” who broke into the house, the atmosphere in Beijing can be described as tense.

Guoan once took the lead twice in the game, but the ghostly Muriqui helped Evergrande to level twice, and the final leveling ball was the stabbing shot in front of the door. After the ball entered the net, Yang Zhi fell painfully to indicate Muriqui foul when shooting, and the referee ignored it.

In the sports competition, Yang Hao also met boos from Guoan fans. He was in no state. During the break, he was replaced by Lee Jang-soo-the former chief coach of Guoan-in a hurry.


In the second year, at the beginning of the 2012 season, Yang Zhi, who had one year of contract left, was also favored by boss Xu, which caused a sensation in the capital at that time.

Yang Zhi was originally from Guangzhou. It was a good choice to go back to Guangzhou to get a high salary. However, he was injured in playing Guangdong-Hong Kong Cup that winter. The injury stopped for several months, and finally the transfer ended without any problems.

At this time, Guoan had been forced to accept the realistic changes brought by the impact of Jin Yuan, and had to retain players by the way of salary increase. The wage structure of the previously low state-owned enterprise style finally began to adjust.

But what surprised all Beijingers was that half a year later, their “Prince” Huang Bowen joined Guangzhou Evergrande Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors from South Korea.

Workers fans are completely “bombed”.

In the 2012 season, the two teams scored 1 win and 1 loss respectively, but the victory of palace guards was that Evergrande won the championship ahead of schedule and had no desire to get.

Security gradually inadequate.

In the 2013 season, Huang Bowen followed Evergrande back to the sports. After the game, he insisted on going around to thank the fans and welcomed tears and cola to fly together.

In that season, the two sides fought four times in the Chinese Super League and the Football Association Cup, and Evergrande won 3 times and won 1 draw unbeaten-at the same time, they also won the championship which was bright for blind Chinese.

Pain and pain, Guoan is waiting for opportunities in ups and downs.


The time came to 2014, which was the first season for Guoan to truly welcome changes and gains, and strive for the championship with Evergrande.

In that year, the investment of Guoan club was still far lower than that of Evergrande, but Liu Yongzhuo’s recruitment effect was not good. Lipi was obviously tired and fell into the mud of serious cronyism, “son brokerage Circle” and so on.

In the last two rounds, Guoan defeated Evergrande from 1 to 0 in Tianhe Sports Stadium. Shao Jiayi’s free kick dragged the suspense of winning the championship to the last round, which was the most classic match for Guoan in the Beijing-Guangdong war, so far, Beijing fans are still obsessed with memory.

Before the match, Luo Ning walked into the dressing room to mobilize the team, saying that you entered the court and looked up. What two words did you see? The signal!

Outside the North Gate of celestial body is Citic Tower, the tallest building in Guangzhou.

The biggest psychological energy of that game, or that season, was that it proved that in an irrational era of burning money, Guoan could still fight against the big upstarts in a traditional style.

In terms of Shao Jiayi’s foot of against the blade of honor and Ma Jiaqi’s shouting and celebrating towards the visiting team Guoan fan area after the game, Guoan held the front and also held the dignity.

For Citic Group, which is the tallest building in China, football is more a public welfare undertaking serving the people of the capital and burning money to seek advertising effect. This is not the right act to dominate state-owned assets, the more unnecessary.

But for Evergrande and boss Xu, football is absolutely a tool, channel, springboard and step.

In order to climb up, Boss Xu is much harder and more unscrupulous than Citic Group in running football.

At the end of the 2014 season, Luo Ning expressed his emotion in Beijing:

“In my mind, no matter the process of the competition or the results, we are hard-working, and we played by ourselves. If there are other factors that make us unable to win the championship, then it is the champion in my mind. It is just not crowned. I don’t have to win the championship like that. What’s the point of asking for it? I also want to apologize. I’m sorry. I’m really sorry for that team. How could I win this ball if I should have lost? So this champion is not suitable for me. I must say so. Let’s forget it for a game. You do it back and forth. This is unfair!”

However, from the standpoint of Beijing football fans, since 2015, when the door of Chinese Super League burning money was already unstoppable and was about to be completely knocked open, the workers fell into thinking.

In the last round of the 2015 season, Guoan defeated Evergrande 0-2 at home, and watched himself not look forward to completing the incredible five consecutive championships in his own territory, the beloved Guoan lost the qualification for the championship because of the last two consecutive defeats.

When the fans in the capital played the last home game, they pulled up a banner of disappointment mixed with anger on the stands: “We don’t want a club that can only blow xx.”


Finally, Guoan changed the sky.

In the era when capital is very popular, capital has the final say on everything.

In January 2016, Guoan signed a strategic cooperation agreement with LeSports, and LeTV promised to acquire Guoan 50% equity for 2 billion yuan within two years.

However, the cooperation between the two sides broke down in the middle of the season-there was a problem in LeTV’s capital chain.

At LeSports that season, Guo an unexpectedly lost to Evergrande 0-3, and took Lin Lin as the leading role when making posters…… This caused strong dissatisfaction among Guoan fans.

However, an editor of LeTV evil responded lightly in an interview, “it cannot be said that he sponsored Guoan, and LeSports will become BTV ~”

This is the cold capital.

Finally, the real estate agent Zhonghe Group suddenly broke out. After Jack Ma was stopped by the Football Association because of his suspected association, he became the new boss of Guoan with a 64% holding ratio.

Luo Ning felt relieved: “As a responsible enterprise, we also have an explanation. Our state-owned enterprises can’t compare with private enterprises in many aspects, especially the highly market-oriented professional football, which sometimes makes state-owned enterprises uncomfortable, so we have been trying to reform the equity. It is also the efforts of all parties to achieve change cooperation so quickly. In the past, we (Guoan) were state-owned enterprises, but now we are private entrepreneurs entering the operation, which also conforms to the rules of the current football market.”

In the 2017 season, Zhonghe invited German famous coach Schmidt to Beijing fans. His first match after taking office was to fight Evergrande.

Beyond the expectation of most media and fans, Schmidt defeated Evergrande with Soriano 2-0 neatly, which was the first time to win with 2 goals against Evergrande Palace guards.

That night was almost the happiest night for Guoan fans in their hometown in recent years, which was better than one year later when they witnessed holding the FA Cup in front of the TV.

If we beat Evergrande 1-0 in the guest field last season, Schmidt was the only coach who defeated Evergrande twice in the previous national security coach, which had to be said to be a solid honor.


In the 2018th season, Guoan, which was promoted by the capital, began to truly enter the championship group, and the boss Zhou Jinhui also decided to make a big deal, the first thing they did was to have a positive relationship with Evergrande in the transfer market-Guoan Club said that they had talked about the Gabonese God Ouba Mei Yang, but Evergrande raised the price halfway.

The resentment between the two sides escalated, and the whole public opinion field was submerged by green and red, and the fans of both sides quarreled with each other.

After the Chinese Football Association announced that it would investigate the rumor of “recruiting and raising the price”, Evergrande first issued the so-called “rumor-proof announcement” and then issued another announcement, he said, “I will no longer seek help from foreign countries at high prices. We should turn our focus to youth training and be very close to Quanhua class.”

This can be called the first time Evergrande lowered its head since playing football.

As a result, Evergrande’s foreign aid team failed to be strengthened in the 2018 season, but introduced a mediocre rear waist Goodley from TEDA. In the first half of the league, five points were dropped by Shanghai Shanggang.

In the end, the champion of the League was cut off in Hong Kong, and Guoan won the championship of the Football Association Cup-Evergrande was extremely frustrated. At the same time, it also declared that Chinese football had entered a state of three-legged confrontation.

On April 22th of that year, Guoan Evergrande fought against the workers and swarmed into 56211 football fans spectators, refreshing the attendance record of the workers in the past 25 years-the title of “National Derby” was gradually accepted by public opinion.


By 2019, the current situation had undergone tremendous changes, and Evergrande was once again “ahead” of everyone “.

Before that, Wei Shihao, Gao Zhanyi, Liu Yiming, Zhang Xiuwei, He Chao, Tang Shi, Yang Liyu, and Deng Hanwen all gathered together. After that, they had contact with Chinese Football Association before the World Cup in Russia, and really finished the handsome Cannavaro in the China Cup — plus the non-lineage naturalized samba Legion completed in summer……

Under the leadership of sword pointing at the top of Qatar World Cup in 2022, “Evergrande national team” officially announced its realization with an irresistible force.

If the restoration of lipi in the middle of the league is counted, Evergrande’s hand covering the sky for Chinese football has made the “dream of winning the championship” of Guoan and Shanggang a joke.

During the training in June, Zhang Linzhen and Wei Shihao “took leave because of injury” one after another. Guoan created the largest number of international players in young pioneer team history, and at the same time, he was exhausted from fighting for the country and being dispatched by Lipi, evergrande, which witnessed the health and activity of all the staff just three days later, was picked down to Hong Kong in the 80,000-person stadium.

The ending of winning the championship has been decided.

Just like Huang Bowen’s words “Don’t worry about me, think about how your best team won the championship”, the situation was overturned, which made people speechless.

Two months later, the labor movement on August 11 was the debut of Genesio.

The match at that time was considered as a “6-point battle”. Guoan led by 8 points at the beginning of the season and was surpassed by Evergrande with a 4-point advantage…… Only by winning Evergrande at home and achieving the first double kill in history can Guoan keep the hope of winning the championship.

After Paulino scored, although Zhang Yuning quickly equalized, the goal of Exxon and Yang Liyu in the second half was just 7 minutes, which made the game die.

That night’s Beijing-Guangdong war was particularly tragic, and Guoan fans smashed water bottles out of the stands, making people helpless.

Face, lining, and even the commanding heights of morality belong to people who have power.

In the rules formulated by power, angry people became vulgar and vulgar ants, becoming dust, a “loser” for power to talk and laugh and frivolously demoted crimes between their suits and suits “.


23 times of meeting, Guoan’s record against Evergrande was only 4 wins, 8 draws, 11 losses, and the winning rate was only 18%. Two times of meeting in the Football Association Cup, Guoan was expelled four times, which was indeed the embarrassment of reality.

From the perspective of the evolution of the pattern, Alan’s change from red to green this season has split the Guoan fan camp, which resolutely resisted non-lineage domestication, this split was fiercer than how to evaluate Luo Ning in those years.

At the same time, just like Suning and Greenland, where the fans are tense and the high-level are ambiguous, Zhonghe and Evergrande have actually established cooperation channels, this does not transfer the opinions of green or red stands at all.

The story of Guoan and Evergrande is still difficult to be defined by one or two comments in ten years’ struggle, whether it is the collision of values and ideologies or the confrontation under the rigid capital.

The only thing that can be confirmed is that both of them are still ‘nobody can look at out ‘.

November 2, waiting for the decisive battle.



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